Harvester History 

Norfolk County Rugby Football Club

The Norfolk County Harvester Rugby Football Club was established in 2002. Based out of Waterford, the club began exclusively as a Senior Men’s league team attracting players from all areas of Norfolk County. In their first season with the NRU (Niagara Rugby Union), the Harvesters finished 4th out of a 10 team division. The following year, they soared to the top of the league to claim the “C” division championship title, and were promoted to the “B” division. Once again the Harvesters rose to the challenge and destroyed their competition with a perfect 10-0 season! In 2004 the Harvesters welcomed Senior Women to the club, and continued to promote the sport of rugby in Norfolk County. With hard work and determination, the Senior Men once again rose to the top of their division and brought home the championship in 2007, 2014 and 2015!  

With a successful Men’s and Women’s league firmly established, the Harvesters expanded their membership to include both junior boys and girls in 2012. The Jr. program has been a fantastic addition to the club! Our Senior level athletes and coaches have teamed up with the local High Schools to assist with their programs, and also offer free pre-season skills clinics to all local youth that are interested in the sport. In 3 short years we have had 15 junior athletes represent Ontario, and an additional 14 athletes participate on regional all-star teams. It is a very exciting time for the sport of Rugby with 7’s making its debut as an Olympic sport in the 2016 summer games, and the Harvesters continue to embrace the growing popularity of the sport!